Change is Good.

This phrase has been very relevant in my life at the moment!  I started a new job a few months ago and moved to a new city just last week.  Change can be painful, but it also brings a positive new outcome.

Something that stands as a beautiful symbol for change is a butterfly.  When I think of butterflies, a bright pink polka dot cartoon one flutters into my mind.  But, when you really stop and look at them and their detail, they are amazing detailed and filled with color.  It’s hard to imagine them beginning as that little caterpillar!  So I wanted to paint a butterfly that has some detail to it and less saturated coloring.  These prints that I’ve created I hope will bring positivity in times are transition and new beginnings- for me and for you!


The second design was made from all the swatches of color surrounding my watercolor designs.  I wanted to incorporate them on a print because I love the pops of color, and also the texture it prints to an otherwise simple design!



Both of these designs are now available as 8×10 digital downloads in my Etsy shop!

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